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Become an Approved Eagle Referral Partner

Join hundreds of Successful Eagle Referral Partners Nationwide.

Offer Multifamily, Residential Rental, Mixed-Use and Commercial Real Estate Loans from $500,000 to $100 Million+ 

Cash-Out, Refinance, Purchase, Rehab, Land Development & Construction


Build your business:

  • Grow your income
  • Earn up to 50%referral points
  • Save time
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Deliver the right loan programs
  • Free…no hidden fees
  • Protected referral fees
  • Repeat rewards program 
  • High tech…high touch service
  • No upfront borrower fees
  • Online loan submissions
  • PRE-APPROVAL LOI’s within 48 hours 
  • Dedicated support
  • Archived training podcasts
  • Proprietary marketing materials
  • We’ll do most of the work…
To get started, please click the blue Approved Eagle Referral Partner Link. Once approved, you will receive your Eagle Protected Referral Partner Agreement, marketing tips and docs to wire your referral fees after your loan requests are funded at closing.
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