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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions…

(1) Who is Eagle Commercial Funding Solutions LLC?

Answer: Eagle finances residential rental, multifamily, commercial and mixed-use real estate loans for cash-out, refinance, purchase, rehab & construction. We are correspondent lenders for some programs and brokers for others.

(2) Do I pay a fee to join your Referral Partner Program?

Answer: No

(3) Does Eagle lend in my state?

Answer: We lend nationwide in the USA.

(4) The bank turned down my borrower recently. Can you help?

Answer: We often say yes when the bank says no…

(5) Do you finance owner occupied residential loans?

Answer: NO

(6) Is my fee protected?

Answer: Your Eagle Referral Partner Agreement protects your fees. If you have any questions about brokering commercial loans to Eagle, please call (856) 353-3430, email or text 609-417-9031 during Philadelphia business hours.

(7) How long does it take to close a loan with Eagle? 

Answer: Most loans close 4 weeks after we receive completed loan docs. Hard money bridge loans can close in 5 to 21 days.

(8) How do I submit loan requests and receive PRE APPROVALS within 48 business hours?

Answer: To submit your online loan request, please click the appropriate link below.

If you have questions about brokering commercial loans with Eagle, email, text (609) 417-9031 or call (856) 353-3430 during Philadelphia business hours (EST).

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