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Low Rate Refinance and Refi Cash-Out Multifamily, Commercial and Mixed-Use Private Money Loans

For credit worthy investors with stabilized properties who want a better alternative to bank financing…

  1. Nationwide
  2. Apartments, office, retail, self storage, light industrial, automotive and other properties
  3. $1 Million to $100 Million
  4. 3.1% to 3.73% 30 year fixed
  5. 2.92% to 3.35% 5 year fixed
  6. Interest only option
  7. Refinance up to 80%; Cash-out up to 75%
  8. Mezzanine financing available
  9. Amortization: 30 years
  10. Flexible prepayment options
  11. Primary locations with 50,000+ population within 5 miles 
  12. For well maintained, 90%+ occupied last 3 months with annual leases paid monthly
  13. Debt Service Coverage Ratio 1.25X+
  14. Borrower must have recent experience owning similar multifamily property(s) 
  15. 700+ middle credit score required for all principals
  16. Tax returns required 
  17. Net worth (combined for all key principals) greater than loan amount  
  18. Liquidity (combined for all key principals) greater than 10% of loan amount
  19. No bankruptcy or foreclosures in last 5 years
  20. Low loan costs
  21. Points: 2 to 3
  22. PRE-APPROVAL LOI in 24 business hours
  23. Loans funded 4 weeks after we receive your completed loan docs
  24. Non-recourse option
  25. No upfront fees..we are paid when your loan is funded at closing.

Please click FREE blue Low Rate Refinance & Refi Cash-Out Private Money Multifamily Loan Program Link for FREE PRE APPROVAL LOI within 24 business hours. With a few clicks of your mouse it TAKES LESS THAN 4 MINUTES TO GET STARTED. No upfront fees, credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks required.

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