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10 Day Funding

Bridge loans to cover the gap when a rehab/construction loan comes due before long term financing can be arranged.

High leverage bridge loans can solve broken rehab/construction loan problems when loan become due before project is completed.

Underwritten on project’s completed value rather than its unfinished state. This minimizes additional cash and equity requirements.

Most lenders only consider your project’s current value. High leverage bridge loans don’t need dilute your equity or force you to bring as much cash to the closing table.

24 to 48 hour expedited draws give quick access to cash contractors need to complete your project.

  1. Nationwide
  2. Over $2 Billion of this loan program closed since its inception…
  3. $500,000 to $50 Million
  4. Property types: multifamily, mixed-use, residential rental, townhomes, condos, office, self-storage, warehouse, retail, industrial, luxury residentia, hotel and land loans
  5. 12% fixed
  6. Interest Only
  7. Origination: 8+ points 
  8. Nonrecourse 
  9. Term: 6 to 18 months plus extensions
  10. Credit score not important unless borrower plans to hold the property and will need to be approved for long term financing after project completed
  11. Borrower must have experience on title building/rehabbing similar size and type projects in last 3 years
  12. Must have clearly defined exit strategy
  13. ​No upfront fees. We are paid when your loan is funded at closing.

To get started, please click the blue PRE APPROVAL 10 Day Close | High Leverage Construction/Rehab to Perm Bridge Loan Link for FREE PRE APPROVAL LOI within 48 business hours. With a few clicks of your mouse it TAKES LESS THAN 6 MINUTES to submit your online loan request. No credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks are required.

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