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Residential Fix to Flip Rehab Loans

No upfront fees, tax returns or income verification 

1 to 4 unit, non-owner-occupied homes, duplexes, triplexes, quads, condos & townhomes

Perfect for rehab real estate investors to sell or hold

Fast in-house draws  

Nationwide (except: Alaska, Nevada, Vermont, North & South Dakota)

Urban, Suburban and rural

$250,000 to $5 Million; portfolios $75,000 loan amount per property (purchase price/refinance payoff plus rehab budget equals $100,000+) 

620+ mid FICO credit score

Term: 13, 19 or 24 months

Competitive interest rates paid on drawn balance

Origination: 2 points

Terms vary with experience on title, bought & sold/refinanced within last 3 years 

(1) None: cosmetic flips; 77.5% purchase price / mortgage payoff + 100% rehab 85% blended LTC up to 65% ARV

(2) 1-4 transaction with no flips: cosmetic rehab; 82.5% purchase price / mortgage payoff + 100% rehab to 90% blended LTC up to 65% ARV

(3) 5 to 11 transactions with 3 flips / construction projects : cosmetic & heavy rehab; 85% purchase price / mortgage payoff + 100% rehab to 90% blended LTC up to 70% ARV; lower rates with 12 to 23 transactions with 6 flips / construction and 24 transactions with 12+ flips / construction projects

(4) May include experienced partner as co-borrower who owns 1%+ of LLC/Corporation

Non-recourse for experienced borrowers (add 25 to 50 bps)    

Subordinate debt permitted with lender approval

No prepayment or minimum interest

U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals 

No owner-occupied, mixed-use, raw land, commercial, unique, manufactured, mobile homes, condotels, timeshares, farms, 2+ acres per property or less than 700 square feet per unit

Processing fee: $2000

No bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sales or deed in lieu last 3 years LO

To submit your online loan request, click the blue GET STARTED Link  for PRE APPROVAL within 48 business hours. No upfront fees, tax returns, income verification, credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks are required for PRE-APPROVAL.

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