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Revolving Inventory Line of Credit

$100,000 to $10 million

Finance up to 85% of your inventory liquidation value

Funding in 7+ days  

Your payments free up more available funds

Similar to traditional bank style financing with fewer hoops


Most industries

No upfront fees

No personal tax returns

No personal income verification

No personal guarantees

No points

No prepayment penalty

Only pay for what you use 

Interest rates starting at prime+2%


  • 1 year in business
  • No minimum credit scores
  • $1 million+ in annual sales
  • $1 Million in current inventory

Amount Fluctuates as outstanding A/R Fluctuates

Streamlined underwriting with fewer hoops

Please click the blue GET FUNDED Link for Funding.

No upfront fees are required.

Your loan request will not affect your credit scores.]

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