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Finance 100% of purchase and 100% of rehab to 70% of ARV

Residential up to 20 units 

No down payment for purchase and rehab 

More cash in your pocket

Tax returns & income verification OR 12 month bank statement with signed 4506C to verify taxes filed

First time investors welcome!

No appraisal option: (1) metropolitan areas; (2) $300,000 to $750,000; (3) 725+ credit; (4) 3 completed projects last 3 years; 2 for repeat borrowers; (5) no appraisal with 12 months bank statements and 4506C to verify taxes filed or on extension

Competitive Interest Rates

Interest only on drawn balance

Reliable funding in 2 or 3 weeks

Nationwide (except: AK, AR, AZ, CA, HI, ID, ND, NE, NV, OK, SD, VT, and WY)

Term: 4, 8 or 12 months; must sell or refinance to pay off loan

Loan amount: $250,000 to $2.5 Million per property

620+ credit (use co-borrower if your credit below 620

No prepayment penalty

Credit score: (1) finance 70% of ARV with 700+ credit and 1 completed construction project in last 3 years; (2) 65% of ARV with 660 to 699 credit with or without experience;  (3) 60% of ARV with 620 to 659 credit with or without experience

Points vary

Experienced General Contractor required with less than 3 projects on title bought & sold/refinanced in last 3 years

First time borrowers may build 2 projects at a time; repeat borrowers: 10+ projects at a time

Liquidity: 8%+ of loan amount (6 months interest + loan costs)

Principal residence within 60 miles of subject property

One-time $250 application fee

Draws: (1) work inspected by approved inspector; (2) funds released 1st business day after we receive inspector’s report

Closing costs paid at closing

First mortgage 

Close in LLC or Corporation name

No bankruptcy last 3 years

Positive mortgage payment history


Required docs: (1) 2 years personal & business tax returns; (2) 3+ months most recent personal & business bank statements; (3) 2 most recent paystubs (if applicable); (4) driver’s license; (5) purchase agreement; (6) detailed rehab budget; (7) “As is” & “After-Repair” appraisal 

Legal USA resident

Proof of funds letter available RFG

To submit your online loan request, click  GET STARTED  for PRE APPROVAL within 48 business hours for qualified borrowers. No upfront fees, credit cards, Social Security Numbers, credit checks, tax returns or income verification required for PRE-APPROVAL.

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