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Hard Money Fix-N-Flip Loans

Eagle Commercial Funding Capital Corporation is a Direct Private Commercial Lender in 45 States. We partner with Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Private Lenders, Family Offices, SBA, Table Funders, FHA-HUD, FNMA and FREDDIE MAC.

No upfront fees, tax returns or income verification  

Property types: 1-to-20 unit residential, multifamily & mixed-use,

Available in Delaware, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other east coast States. 

Low credit no problem for flips; credit matters if rehab, refinance and hold for rental 

Urban, Suburban and rural 

$250,000 to $5 Million per property 

Term: 12 months

Finance up to 85% LTC to 65% ARV

Lender determines value 3 ways: (1) appraisal; (2) BPO (Broker Price Opinion), or (3) inhouse valuation  

Finance (1) 100% of purchase price; (2) refinance and cash-out at up to 65% of ARV, finance to 100% of purchase; (3) loan costs paid at closing; (4) roll some points into loan amount (5) increase leverage by cross collateralizing equity in other investment properties 

Interest rates: 12% to 14% interest only 

Origination: 2 to 4 points  

Finance several deals at a time 

Seller held notes and secondary financing permitted  

Prepayment or minimum interest varies  

U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals  

No bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sales or deed in lieu last 3 years  

All loan terms disclosed before closing 

To submit your online loan request, click the blue GET STARTED Link for PRE-APPROVAL Term Sheet within 48 business hours. No upfront fees, tax returns, income verification, credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks required for PRE-APPROVAL for qualified applicants. 

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