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Major, Structural Rehab

Multifamily, Mixed-Use and Commercial (to 250 Units)

Urban and suburban properties  

No Upfront Fees

No tax returns or income verification to $9 million loan amount

Responsive, friendly service      


Loan amount: $500,000 to $75 million+ per property

Terms vary with experience on title, # similar properties bought, rehabbed, sold or refinanced last 3 years

Up finance 70% to 80% of purchase / loan payoff + 100% rehab (to 85% Blended LTC) to 70% ARV. 

Fast draws

Credit: 620+

Term: 12 to 36-months  

Competitive fixed interest rates on drawn balance  

Interest only

Rate locks

No prepayment penalties

Origination varies with underwriting

Liquidity: cash to close, reserves to complete project + 3 months loan interest reserves

Non-recourse available  

No subordinated debt  

Ineligible borrowers: (1) financial crimes; (2) bankruptcy/foreclosure last 4 years; (3) no derogatory payments

Federal Tax liens cleared before closing 

Loan exit strategy: sell or refinance to permanent loan   

No raw la, manufactured, mobile homes, condotels, timeshares, farms, or extensive water or fire damage.

Close in 2 to 4 weeks    

Let’s Finance Your Next Deal Together!

To submit your online loan request, click the blue GET STARTED Link for PRE-APPROVAL within 48 business hours for qualified borrowers.

No upfront fees, tax returns, income verification, credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks required for PRE-APPROVAL. 





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