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Fast 100% Wholesaler Funding for Double Closings

Best Double Close Transactional Funding in the USA

Free Proof of Funds for Wholesalers

$250,000 to $50 Million+ per deal in 45 states

No limit to how many deals (up to $50 Million) wholesalers can close because they don’t bring their own money to closing

No more profit sharing with greedy lenders

3 day+ closes

No red tape

No upfront fees

No fees if your deal doesn’t close

No appraisals

No credit checks

No tax returns

No income verification

No bank statements

No transfer taxes for more profit

Our experience will help you close more deals so you earn more profit

 Low Fees let you keep more of your profits.

  • 2% of purchase price up to $499,999 (minimum fee $1500)
  • 3% of purchase price from $500,000 to $100 Million
  • 4 to 6% of purchase price from $1 Million to $50 Million
  • $100 processing fee which covers wire and release charges

We work 100% with real estate investors. Your funding request is sent immediately to our dedicated team to get your deal quickly funded.

Transactional Funding is a short term loan to wholesalers who purchase and quickly re-sell a property the same day. This is a “Double Closing”. The seller is “Party A”. The wholesaler is Party B”. The end buyer is “Party C”. 

A-B & B-C transactions must use the same settlement office or title company.

Why transactional wholesaler funding?

  • When contracts are not assignable to third parties (properties off MLS, banks or government (counties, municipalities, HUD, FHA, Fannie Mae etc.)
  • When you don’t want to assign the contract to maximize your profits. Many end buyers won’t purchase a property if the asssignment fee is too high. You do not have to disclose contract details to end buyer with transactional funding.
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