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30 Year Fixed Rate Residential Single Property or Portfolio Rental Loans

Refinance, Cash-Out or Purchase

Portfolio and Single Property: 1 to 250+ Units

SFR, Duplex, Triplex, Quad, Condo, Townhomes and Multifamily

Cash-Out, Refinance and Purchase 

  1. Nationwide (no rural)
  2. Finance 75% to 80% of purchase price
  3. Refinance up to 80% and cash-out 75% of appraised value
  4. No experience, income tax returns or income verification required
  5. Single property rental loans: $250,000 to $3 Million
  6. Portfolio rental loans: $1 Million+ ($75,000 to $3 Million per property)
  7. 5.35% to 6.35%+ fixed
  8. Interest only option 
  9. Origination: 2+ points
  10. Term: 30 years, 5/1 ARM or 7/1 ARM
  11. 30 years fully amortizing with no balloon payments
  12. Lease status: must be rent ready
  13. DSCR 1.1X (No DSCR option available) 
  14. 650+ credit score for rental loans; 620+ for bridge loans
  15. Liquidity: bank statements confirming down payment, loan costs, third party reports and 3 months principal, interest, taxes and insurance payments); no sourcing or seasoning of funds
  16. No bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sales or mortgage charge offs in last 2 years
  17. No financial crimes, fraud or felonies 
  18. Prepay: 5/4/3/2/1 (no prepay option available)
  19. Must close in LLC or Corporation name
  20. Foreign Nationals LTV 60%
  21. 30 day funding
  22. No upfront fees; we are paid when your loans if funded at closing.

To get started, please click the blue Residential Rental Loan Link for your FREE PRE APPROVAL LOI within 48 business hours. With a few clicks of your mouse it TAKES LESS THAN 6 MINUTES to submit your loan request online. No upfront fees, credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks are required.

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