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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions…

(1) Who is Eagle Commercial Funding Solutions LLC?

Answer: Eagle is nationwide (45 States) nationwide clearing house who matches your loan requests with proven  private money lenders eager to fund your deal. We issue PRE APPROVALS within 24 business hours and close loans quickly. 

(2) Do I pay a fee to join your referral partner network?

Answer: No

(3) Does Eagle lend in my state?

Answer: Nationwide except Arizona, Californina, Nevada, North and South Dakota

(4) The bank turned down my borrower recently. Can you help?

Answer: YES! All we do are loans to commercial and investmement property owners. We understand their unique needs. Eagle takes a “common sense” approach to approving their requests. We review all relevant information about your borrower and their request to determine if we can offer them a financial solution rather than viewing them as simply a credit score. We help real estate investors, business owners and financial professionals, like your customers, every day who have been turned down by their bank who operate under rigid sets of rules. Our flexibility is the key difference in many loan approval.

(5) Do you finance owner occupied residential rental loans?

Answer: NO

(6) Is my fee protected?

Answer: Eagle understands the value of our referral partnerships and all that you bring to the lending process, which is why we’ll always protect your fee. If you have any questions about how to make money brokering loans to Eagle, call us at (856) 353-3430, email or text 609-417-9031 24/7/365.

(7) How long will it take to close a loan at Eagle? 

Answer: Most loans close within 3 to 4 weeks from commitment. Hard money loans can close in 10 to 15 business days.

(8) How do I submit my borrower’s loan requests and receive PRE APPROVALS within 24 business hours?

Answer: Please click the black GET FUNDED NOW link near the top right of our home page. Scroll down and click the appropriate black box (see links below) to receive your PRE APPROVAL LOI within 24 business hours. 



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