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Residential Construction Loans for Developers and Investors

  1. 6.75% on drawn balance
  2. No tax returns, 4506T or income verification
  3. Interest only
  4. Finance up to 75% of land cost plus 90% of construction up to 75% ARV
  5. Land must be fully entitled, with building permits/plans and shovel-ready. 
  6. For scattered lots & infill projects; limit number of houses financed within the same development to five at a time 
  7. Construction must begin within 90 days of initial funding
  8. No experience required with GC up to $500,000 loan amount
  9. Loan size: $250,000 to $2 Million per project
  10. $500,000 to $10 Million revolving LOC; speed and simplicity; once approved, LOC provides a streamlined lending process to acquire and renovate multiple properties faster, without borrower review each time you acquire a property. Once approved, only need appraisal, inspection, title and insurance to fund another property on your LOC.
  11. One time lender $750 LOC fee
  12. 1-4 unit residential, condos (detached/townhouse style), multifamily to 20 units per building with own address
  13. Must close title in LLC or corporation name
  14. Minimum interest: 3 months
  15. 640+ credit score
  16. Term: 12 months plus extensions
  17. Number of draws not capped; $145 fee/draw covers inspection and wire
  18. PRE APPROVAL in 24 hours
  19. Closings: 15 to 30 days
  20. Nationwide (45 States)
  21. Options for foreign nationals and non-permanent residents
  22. No upfront fees
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