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Production Builder for High Volume Residential Builders

Finance Ground-Up Construction and Lot Acquisition 

1 to 9 residential units per property

Eagle Commercial Funding Capital Corporation is a Direct Private Commercial Lender in 45 States. We partner with Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Private Lenders, Family Offices, SBA, Table Funders, FHA-HUD, FNMA and FREDDIE MAC.

No Tax Returns, Income Verification or Upfront Fees 

Fast in-house loan servicing, construction management and draws   

Urban, suburban and some rural locations

Nationwide (except: Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, North & South Dakota and Vermont) 

Minimum loan amount: $250,000  

Maximum loan amount: $1 Million per property 

Credit requirements: 

  • 660+ mid FICO credit score 
  • No minimum tradeline  
  • Multiple qualified guarantors: highest middle 
  • No bankruptcy, foreclosure, DIL, modification or short sales last 4 years 
  • Mortgage lates: no 30-day lates last 12 months or 60-day lates last 48-months 

Competitive fixed interest rates 

Interest only paid on drawn balance 

No prepayment penalty 

Program options: 

  • Platinum: (1) finance 85% LTC to 75% ARV; (2) initial disbursement: amount remaining after minimum borrower equity met (not to exceed 75% of land cost basis/value); (3) Budget funding to 100% (equity at closing); soft costs include contingency to 20% and builder fee. 
  • Gold: max cost basis LTC: (1) Variable: 50% of lot cost basis/value + 85% of construction budget; (2) Initial disbursement: 50% of land costy basis/value; (3) budget funding: budget partially funded at LTC %; Soft costs included; contingency funding of 20% max; 
    no builder fee funding. 

LTC cost basis determination: 

  • Purchase: Lesser of Purchase Price or As-Is Value of Lot 
  • Unseasoned Refinance (<180 Days Ownership): lesser of purchase price or as-is value of lot 
  • Seasoned refinance (180+ days ownership): as-is lot value  


  • 1 unit: 12 months 
  • 2-4 units: 12, 18, or 24-months 

Cash-out: no limit or seasoning 

Loan count maximum:

  • Experience: 5+ completed projects last 2 years: 5; 2+ units: 2 
  • Experience: 2-4 completed projects last 2 years: 2; 2+ units: 1 

Experience:  30+ completed projects on title started and sold or refinanced in last 3 years  

Appraisals: hybrid/desktop under $1 million  

Origination: See your PRE-APPROVAL Term Sheet  

Required experience 2+ completed builds (started and sold or refinanced in last 2 years; 5+ completed builds for 5-9-units) 

No minimum property condition required 

Ineligible properties: condos (case by case), rural, mixed-use, manufactured, modular, log homes, farms, storage facilities, commercial and land 

Vacation properties near beaches, lakes or mountains not supported by larger cities, economies besides tourism 10% below max LTC (case-by-case)  

Required reserves and liquidity: 10% of the outstanding production builder full loan balances + cash to close + borrower funded portion of budget (equity shortage) 

  1. Experience: 2-4 investment properties last 2 Years: 
    12 months reserves + cash to close + 10% of holdback + borrower funded portion of budget (equity shortage)  
  1. Experience: 5+ investment properties in last 2 years: 
    6 months reserves + cash to close + 10% of holdback + borrower funded portion of budget (equity shortage) 
  1. Liquidity verification: most recent statement from checking, savings, money market CD’s, and brokerage accounts; must be complete statements — no online screen shots 

Processing fee paid at closing: $1295 at closing for 1-4-unit properties; $1495 for 5+ units 

Foreign nationals not eligible 

From initial application to final payoff, we’re here for you… 

To submit your online loan request, click the blue GET STARTED Link for PRE-APPROVAL within 48 business hours. No upfront fees, tax returns, income verification, credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks are required for PRE-APPROVAL. 

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