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Private Money Multifamily and Mixed-Use Loans

Cash-out, Refinance and Multifamily Real Estate Acquisitions

  1. Nationwide
  2. No tax returns or income verification required
  3. Low doc streamlined underwriting
  4. 650+ credit
  5. Property types: multifamily, mixed-use, student housing, affordable housing, mobile home parks, assisted living and skilled nursing care facilities…
  6. $2 Million to $50 Million+
  7. 4.5%+ (Varies with credit score, LTV, operating income, location etc.)
  8. Origination: Varies
  9. Low loan costs
  10. Refinance and cash-out up to 75% of appraised value
  11. Finance up to 80% of purchase price
  12. Terms: 5 to 30 years
  13. Amortization: 30 years
  14. Prepayment: varies
  15. Experience required on title with similar properties within last 3 years
  16. Funded in 4 to 8 weeks 
  17. No upfront fees…we are paid when your loan is funded at closing.

To get started, please click the blue Private Money Multifamily Loan Link for PRE APPROVAL Term Sheet within 48 business hours. With a few clicks of your mouse it TAKES LESS THAN 6 MINUTES to submit your online loan request. No credit cards, Social Security Numbers or credit checks are required.

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